Flash love giveaway!

I don’t normally geek out over Valentine’s Day. Sure, it was fun as a kid to pass out Valentine themed things and I’ll of course never tire of eating heart-shaped cookies and chocolate, but it’s never been a big-deal holiday to me where I must have romantic and grandiose plans.

It does, however, happen to be the first official date Chris and I went on (TWELVE years ago). So I guess in a way, the day is a big deal. We went out on a few casual dates/hangouts before Valentine’s Day but somehow going out on that day seemed like a bigger deal. It felt a bit more real to go out to a nice restaurant with a guy I just recently met on Valentine’s Day, especially because I had just sworn off being in a serious relationship for at least 6 months. Ha!

Is it cliché to say, “and the rest is history?” Well, that’s pretty much how it went. We were engaged 4 years later celebrating our 4th dating anniversary in Charleston, SC. (I was in grad school at the time). Then we were married 1 1/2 years later in Ohio and have been married for 6 1/2 years. And somehow that all adds up to TWELVE years. Hard to believe.


A few weeks ago I saw my good friends at Love Grown Foods were releasing a limited edition cereal for Valentine’s Day. Being the cereal lover that I am, it was right then when I decided I HAD to buy a dozen boxes and hand them out to family + friends. Pretty much the best Valentine’s Day card ever, right?

I also decided to share the love with all of you! So I put together a package with a bunch of my favorite things, including their cereal and everything else you see below. (Not sponsored by any companies.)

Regardless of the holiday, I’m all for dishing out some extra love, especially to all of you amazingly fabulous people who read my blog. I can’t tell you how much your support over the years has meant to me. We’ve been at this relationship for 5 1/2 years now, which if baffling to me!

iPhone photos

Favorite things giveaway! | edibleperspective.com

In case you wanted a close-up of the cereal…that I can’t stop eating…(it’s made with bean flour, GMO free, wheat free – but not certified GF, corn + soy free). To find out where you can get this limited edition cereal check here.

Favorite things giveaway! | edibleperspective.com

Giveaway details: I am sponsoring this post myself! However, when I told my friends at Love Grown Foods I was hosting the giveaway they gave me a few extra boxes of their cereal to send out!

TWO chances to WIN! (US entries only)

  1. The first winner will receive:
    • 2 boxes limited edition LGF cereal
    • all prizes in the top photo (except the coffee, which is for winner #2)
  2. The second winner will receive:
    • 2 boxes limited edition LGF cereal
    • 1 package Equal Exchange Coffee beans

To enter: Leave a comment below about anything (person, thing, food, etc.) you LOVE! Okay, maybe I like this holiday after all.

Giveaway ends: 2/13/15 (tomorrow! 24hrs!) at 4:30pm EST - Winners will be announced next week!

See you back here tomorrow for a recipe!