how to: veggie sushi party

Ever had a sushi party?

Think it sounds too complicated?

Think it sounds boring?

Think again.

Step 1.  Slice + press your tofu for at least 20min.  side note: boxed wine and a knife block, make great pressing tools

[tofu pressing tutorial]

Step 2.  Realize you are nearly out of short grain brown rice, slightly panic, then realize your friends won’t care and throw whatever rice you’ve got in the pot. 

I cooked 2c of rice with 4c of water, with 1T oil, bringing to a boil, stirring once, then covering + reducing heat to simmer for 50min.  Move to a cool burner, and let sit covered for 10min then fluff with a fork.

short grain brown rice + unidentified white rice + arborio rice + wild rice

Step 3.  Wear your favorite slippers, so no one feels underdressed.

Step 4.  Slice the tofu into small strips and toss with 1T rice vinegar, 1/2T oil, 1T tamari [soy sauce], 1/4t garlic powder + black pepper.

Step 5.  Spread on a pan and broil for about 5-8min, flip once, then 5-8min again, until light golden brown.  You’re looking for a crispy crust but still soft on the inside.

Step 6.  Set the mood.

Step 7.  Cut sheets of nori into 4x4 squares.  No rolling sushi over here!!

Step 7.  Bring everything to the table, including your random pot o’ rice, so your guests can DIY their sushi.

Step 8.  Make sure to have delicious condiments on hand!

tofu.  be sure to not overcook it.  like I did.

carrot strips.

note the Eden Organic Gomasio in the background…only one of the best toppings ever!

cucumber strips.

avocado.  always.

Step 9.  Find authentic wasabi paste.  It tastes 20x better than the stuff they serve in restaurants.  Thanks Kelsey!

Step 10.  Make a huge plate of all your ingredients and start wrapping, rolling, folding, or whatever style you choose.

Step 11.  Prepare to have an everlasting, hilarious + awesomely fun dinner.  Seriously, this meal lasts forever!

Step 12.  Allow elbows on the table and rice to fly everywhere.

sushi taco!

Step 13, part I.  Bore your dogs because you’re taking so long to finish dinner.

Step 13, part II.

Step 14.  Make a fresh batch of almond apricot butter cookies, watch an episode of Portlandia, and enjoy the company of good friends. 

Step 15.  Wine is recommended.  Boxed, of course.

[p.s. almond meal works in this recipe if you don’t have almond flour, although it results in a slightly different texture]

[all photos were taken with the iPhone and edited with the Snapseed app]

Now that is how you throw, a killer veggie sushi party.